Mabs Man

Product Description

Mabs Man is a compression sock designed especially for men. The graduated compression from the ankle up to the knee gives an increased blood circulation in the legs that prevent tired and swollen legs. The design is understated and elegant. Suitable for eg suit pants. The high cotton content of the sock makes it soft and comfortable.

The stockings are medical compression class 1. 15-21 mmHg. To get the right effect of the socks, it is important to get the right size of the stocking. Measure the ankle where it is narrowest and calf where it is widest and paid primarily by those measurements when choosing size. If the shoe size differs by one or two sizes of what you usually have so it has less importance. The foot part is elastic so it usually works fine anyway.

58% Cotton
33% Polyamide
9% Elasthan

Shoe-Size Ankle Calf
Small 38-40 20-23 30-36
Medium 40-42 21-25 33-39
Large 42-44 23-27 35-41
X-large 44-47 25-29 38-45
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