Venous problems

When the job involves a lot of time standing or sitting, when we are pregnant or travelling, we constantly put pressure on the legs which can make the legs feel tired, swollen or tender.

The veins in our legs transport the blood from the legs back to the heart. Our venous valves open and close, to push blood around the body and ensure that the blood flows in the right direction. When we subject our legs to strain, we also put strain on our venous system. If the calf muscles cannot pump the blood back to the heart, the veins become extended and the valves can no longer close properly. The impaired transport of blood often results in tiredness, heavy and swollen legs. There is also a risk to develop problems such as spider veins, varicose veins and leg ulcers due to poor circulation.

Preventive measures

Compression stockings give graduated compression from the ankle and upwards. This increases the blood flow from the feet to the heart, which makes medical compression stockings to the most effective method to prevent venous problems.

The increased blood flow implies that a larger volume of oxygenated blood reaches the legs, which means that the legs feel more supple and recover more quickly.