Varicose veins


Varicose veins are a symptom which give a sign that the valve system has weakened. Under normal conditions, the blood pumps from the superficial veins to the deep veins. In the case of weak valves, the blood is pumped towards the superficial veins, placing them under huge pressure. This is the beginning of varicose veins.

If your work implies static posotions (walking or standing a lot), you belong to a risk group. During pregnancy, hormones affect, amongst other things, ligaments, skin and blood vessels, and they become more flexible and elastic than normal. The veins are therefore easily extended and become varicose veins. The stress in a modern life also put pressure of the veins, which increases vein pressure in the legs. It can result in development of varicose veins and swollen legs.


The symptoms which indicate actual valve weakness can include the following:

  • Legs and/or feet feel heavy and rigid.
  • Legs and/or feet become swollen.
  • Leg cramps in the afternoon or evening.

Preventive actions

Therapy which involves using the muscle pump in the legs improves blood circulation. Exercise regulary. Place your legs in an elevated position when the occasion allows. Do not sit with your legs crossed (this impairs circulation). To enhance the circulation more, use a support stocking (with pressure decreasing upwards) which helps the veins to withstand the high pressure created when you spend a lot of time sitting, standing or walking. The support stocking accelerates the blood flow in the veins towards the heart and prevents and alleviates varicose veins and swelling.

If you already have experienced problems of a more serious nature (which has another cause than those described above), using a tested compression stocking may be a more effective alternative. Compression stockings exert greater pressure than support stockings (24-60 mmHg) and are regularly prescribed by doctors, e.g. for deep vein thrombosis (clot), leg ulcers, lymphatic swelling (lymphedemas), etc. See our separate information under “Juzo compression bandages”, and tips and advice on how to improve blood circulation in the legs.