At work

Five tips for the business woman and man

Do you get swollen and heavy legs and feet after a day at a sedentary office job, or after long trips?
On the plane or in the car it is difficult to move, which hamper the blood circulation. The legs become swollen and heavy and in worst case, a blood clot may occur.

An adult’s heart pumps in average about five liters of blood per minute through the body. The blood then goes back to the heart. This is exhausting, especially for the leg veins which transport the blood from the lowest point in the body to the heart.


Five tips for getting fit and strong legs

  1. Exercise regularly. It is especially important to train the leg and calf muscles as it’s the body’s most important muscle pump.
  2. Wear compression stockings at work and while travelling.
  3. When you stand still for a longer time, you can swing back and forward on the toe and heel, which helps to increase the circulation.
  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. Do not cross your legs over each other while sitting. It squeez together the veins on the back of the knee and obstruct the blood flow.

How do compression stockings work?

A compression stocking works as a prevention and is good for the muscle recovery. Blood flow increases and the blood circulation in the legs improves.You get rid of swollen and tired legs and you will have less muscle soreness. The socks are a prevention of varicose veins and risk of blood clots.

Compression stockings help the body to push blood up toward the heart through a pressure maximum at the ankle and decreasing towards the knee. Blood flow increases and prevents the blood to stay in the legs.

A sock which has a pressure which helps to increase the blood flow is classified as a medical compression stocking. The pressure in the sock can be expressed in different ways, the most common is Hg (millimeters of quicksilver) and the second is the denier (DEN). A stocking must hold a pressure equal to 15-20 mm Hg or 140 DEN to give the right power which is required.

All Mabs compression stockings, whether type and material, are classified as medical compression stockings.