Look after your legs

Three simple steps to supple legs.

1. Move about and exercise properly

Extended periods of sitting/standing still lowers blood circulation which can lead to swollen and tender legs.

Moving about at regular intervals means than the muscles are activated and blood circulation increases, which increases the transport of blood from the legs to the heart. Legs feel more supple and the risk of fluid accumulation in the legs is reduced.

2. Keep legs elevated

After a long day, your legs can feel swollen and tired. This is probably because the blood circulation in your legs has been low and fluid has accumulated. Rest your legs by placing them in an elevated position on a chair or cushion.

3. Compression stockings

Make things easy for your legs by using medical compression stockings.
Medical compression stockings exert graduated compression from the ankle upwards. This increases the flow of blood from the feet to the heart, which makes medical compression stockings the most effective way of preventing problems. Increased blood circulation prevents problems of swelling and tenderness after long periods sitting/standing still. As well as increasing blood flow, the transfer of oxygen to the muscles improves, which means that your legs feel supple for longer. Putting on a pair of compression stockings after a training session speeds muscle recovery.

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