Compression Socks

Support stockings or compression socks, which is the correct term, is a proven and well documented method for increasing blood circulation in the legs. Most people associate compression socks with treating elderly people. But it has also been shown that compression socks have a very good preventive effect against varicose veins, blood clots in the legs and when the legs feel tired and swollen. For example, during pregnancy or when sitting still during longĀ  flights or at work.

In addition, many people who workout has realized that compression socks hasĀ  an positive effect on training and especially for the recovery process between workouts.

Today there is a wide range of products that call themselves support stockings or compression socks. However, not all of which provide the promised effect. When buying compression socks there are two things you should consider:

  1. Verify that the sock is really a compression sock. The sock must be of compression class 1, ie maintain a pressure of 18-21mmHg.
  2. When choosing size, you should primarily look at your ankle dimension, secondarily your calf measure and finally your shoe size. This because the compression begins around the ankle and decreasing up the calf, to get the right effect, it is important that the compression around the ankle is right.

Mabs has a wide collection of compression socks for all occasions. All Mabs socks are classed as medical compression socks Class 1.