About supportive braces

Mabs offers a wide selection of supportive braces for the most common problems among people connected to muscles and joints.

For whom is the brace appropriate to?

Not only elite athletes suffer from injuries in joints and muscles. Many may some day need support from a brace. Mabs all braces are suitable for everyone, as they are individually customizable in size and pressure of compression.

When is a brace appropriate to use?

Injuries can be divided into two different categories: acute injuries and injuries after a long time of strain, both variants can be alleviated by using braces. Acute injuries often result in bleed in the tendon or muscle which may appear in the form of discoloration and swelling. Injuries casued by a long time of strain usually occur gradually, from such prolonged and improper strain, unilateral exercise or overexertion of physical exercise. Usually it’s several factors involved in this lind of injury. Muscle fever, ricks muscle rupture and arthos are example of problems which can be relieved by braces.

What impact might the use of braces give?


Increased body heat leads to increased blood flow, which in turn gives faster responsiveness of muscles with a painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect. Mabs brace has a warming effect to the local, affected body part, thanks to the material NeoTex, a neoprene material with closed cells.

Support /compression:

Braces provides comfortable support and makes the body more aware of the injured body part. Extra support in general can feel good as an injury often can make your body feel unstable.


Supportive braces work as a protection for the skin against shock and pressure.

Placebo effect:

Placebo effect can also be referred as the expectation effect and implies an expectation that a condition will be better because of an action, despite no proven improvement actually has occurred.